terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2013

Platinum shoots new campaign from Sky TV in Los Angeles

Sky TV’s new campaign, created ​​by the agency Draft FCB (São Paulo), has supermodel Giselle Bundchen once again. This time, Giselle will embody Morticia Addams to illustrate the idea that "Terror is not having Sky," which has Paul Junger in art direction.

To create a darker atmosphere, the post-production team had to age the whole house (which was fully renovated only six months ago!) "Everything had to be stale, like a horror movie. We added broken glass, cobwebs, cracks on the walls and etc, "says Flavio Albino.

The scenarios were made ​​by the same team that made Pan's Labyrinth and one of the locations was the house where the classic horror movie Psycho was recorded in.

Soon, you can check out the pictures here on the blog or on our website! 

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