quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2016

Our 1st commercial film is on Air.

My dear friends: 3 years ago, Platinum FMD developed a new project with the completion date set to launch at the beginning of 2017. It is a new branch to act in the filming area, more specifically, tabletop movies. 
Surpassing all expectations, this project has produced a “premature baby” that is beautiful and fills us with pride. For about a month and a half, in partnership with the NBS Agency (Antonia Zobaran, Renato Garden, Andre HAVT Marcello Noronha, Carlos André Eyer, André Lima, Myriam Gallagher, Camila Faus, Rafaella Leme), we´ve been  producing the tabletop movie and signature for Bob´s Milk Shake.  It began running on TV last Friday. 
Here is a Director's Cut version. I hope you like it: a lot more is about to come. 

Platinum FMD
Leonardo Vilela
André Regnier
Flavio Albino
Luciano Honorato

Allan Branco

Food Stylist:

Sound Design

Beethoven Studio

Please check on link below

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