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Image stolen from Platinum wins Citroen’s contest in Russia

The studio had a big surprise to find one of its images on Citroen Russia’s website. Since the website was all in Russian, it took us some time to realize that it was a contest, and that our image was nothing more, nothing less, than the winner.

The “author” appears as Solopov Valery A., whom we've never heard of, and as the winner he received a Wacom tablet. The contest, sponsored by Citroen Russia to launch its new model DS3, consisted of three stages. On the first stage, the website received over a thousand images, and the jury, which included the company's CEO, chose Platinum’s image as the winner. 

By the way, the original image was commissioned by Vodafone in 2005, an international phone company, through the agency Kaspen from Czech Republic. The studio has tried to contact the website without success.

This is not the first time Platinum has one of its images stolen. The image that suffers most from this type of crime is the famous Water Flame commissioned by Amanco in 2006 through DM9.

This image also came to win a competition in Mexico for Jose Cuervo, a tequila brand. In this case, the studio got in touch with the contest’s organizers and the winner had to return the award, in addition, of course, to being unmasked in several media outlets in his country. Especially since, according to the rules of the contest, the winner ceded the rights of the image to Jose Cuervo, that could even use it in its advertising campaigns.

Platinum FMD

Another image pilfered from the studio was the award-winning Octopus, commissioned by Falmec through McCann in 2004. Hitching a ride on the fame of Paul, the FIFA’s World Cup octopus in 2010, and Platinum, the pharmaceutical company Andrómaco launched an anti-flu campaign in Chile with the image in the background.

Fortunately, cases of image theft in advertising are rare and, when discovered, are hardly inconsequential.

Platinum FMD

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