quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2011

Platinum wins PDN's Photo Annual Award with Stephen King's book cover

On January 14, 2009 we received an email from our agent in New York saying that Stephen King was a fan of Platinum’s work and wanted us to do the cover of his new book Under the DomeAttached was a sketch from Stephen King himself with the idea for the cover: a city shrouded in an invisible dome with what looked like a man in the forefront.

We accepted the job without hesitation. After all, it was Stephen King, the master of horror in modern literature! 

The first step was to read the manuscript and find out who was that man in Mr. King’s sketch, but nobody could say. That's when we decided to ask our agent: "Man? What Man? That is a dog!" 

Mystery solved, we gathered the team and created a nice concept with Mr. King's ideas and some suggestions of our own, like the plane crash. After all, Platinum loves a little drama.

In the end, it was a joint effort and the result was so good that we received PDN’s Photo Annual Award in the category of Corporate Design, 2010.

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